Anyone can watch your children, but not everyone can care for them. We look above and beyond towards the well being of your children. Unlike other companies in the area, we do not use search engines such as to recruit our providers. We seek potential candidates that are loving, caring, mature, and level headed that can live up to your expectations. Each of our Nannies and Sitters go through an extensive application process and are interviewed in person. Many candidates go through an orientation process where company policies, procedures and CPR training videos are shown. In addition, many Nannies/Sitters are CPR Certified and available upon request. 

What makes us so different you ask? We listen to you. We then seek out potential candidates based on your specific needs and requirements. People who refer to themselves as babysitters or professionals are not necessarily qualified to be one. Taking care of a child is a big responsibility that shouldn't be given to anyone who raises their hand for the job. 


What We Do To Assure You A Top Notch Babysitter or Nanny: ​

  • Face-to-face interview

  • Provide a personality and characteristic test

  • Social Security Verification

  • Perform a sex offender registry search

  • Review and approve the candidate’s driving record

  • Verify and authenticate the childcare candidate to identity and ensure that the candidate is using real and accurate information about their own identity

  • Recent employment and educational history

  • Perform state and county criminal background record searches

Let Top Notch Child Care Concierge handle all the work for you. We are committed to provide you with the best personnel for your needs. You deserve the best and we can make it happen.


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