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Fun & Easy Summer Butterfly Art Project

It's the first day of Summer!

At Top Notch Child Care Concierge, Inc. we like to use creative art projects, and activities to engage children. This is the first art project that has been posted on our blog, and we are look forward to creating more fun, and easy art and craft projects, and sharing them with you! We will post our unique ideas and tried-and-true favorites! We have attached step-by-step instructions on how to create this wonderful art project!

If you decide to create this fun art project please email us your completed work to be featured on our social media pages!

Step 1:

Gather all of your of your materials together. Materials Needed: • Scissors • White paper • Bow-tie noodles • Black sharpie marker • Glue stick or a hot glue gun • Paint, markers, or chalk

Step 2: Start cutting up some bow-tie noodles for the grass. Once you have cut up the bow-tie noodles you can start coloring the grass green. (we used paint. If you decide to use paint to color the noodles make sure you have paint, a paint brush, a cup of water, and paper towel.)

Step 3: Color the rest of the bow-tie noodles so they can be added on the to the white piece of paper as the butterflies! (we used paint and white computer paper.)

Step 4: Get your glue out and start glueing the grass on the bottom of the paper. Once you have finished gluing the grass start to glue the butterflies one by one on your white piece of paper. As you're gluing each butterfly individually you can start drawing their antennas and compound eyes. (we used a hot glue gun and a black sharpie marker.)

Step 5: To add a realistic effect to your art project you can make short thin lines coming from the side of the paper to the butterfly. (it will look like the butterfly was flying.)

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