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Quick Review Of The Nanny Search Process

Most often, families decide to send their children to daycare or hire a Nanny who will care for their children while they are away. Scrambling through Nanny profiles on isn’t the most appealing thing to do while in search of a Nanny. Many families are new to the Nanny Agency world and are unfamiliar with the search process. Top Notch Child Care Concierge was born out of a desire to ensure that parents in the Metro Detroit area can find the best babysitter or nanny for their family needs. Juggling life and a career is a challenge in and of itself. Finding someone to help - that should be easier. That’s where we come in


Family Application & Phone Consultation 

The first step to start the nanny search process is completing a Family Application located on our website. Once the application has been completed and submitted through our automated system a representative will review your application and give you a phone call. During this phone call we will discuss the best option and package for you and your family.


In-Home Consultation

Following your call, we will set up an in-home consultation. You can choose to opt-out the in-home consultation and move forward with the search. A registration fee will be due at this time. We try our best to visit all our client’s homes and get to know you and your children. A face-to-face Family Consultation will allow us to get a deep and better understanding of your needs and lead to a stress-free placement process. During the home visit we will discuss exactly what you are seeking and what type of nanny you envision for your family. Before we begin the search, we will conduct a concise job description for our Nannies. Our foundation is built upon ensuring every child gets the best care possible and every family is confident in our services and knows they are working with the best of the best. Our top priority is finding you the best care no matter the circumstance – we love meeting new families, and conducting searches to find them the best care possible.


Search Begins

This step is our most fun and favorite step! Unlike other companies in the Metro Detroit area, we do not use search engines such as or We currently have 400 candidates in our network. We actively recruit local candidates for every family seeking a Nanny. It is our goal to find you the perfect match as soon as possible. A typical nanny search can take anywhere to 1 to 8 weeks, depending on how specialized and detailed your requirements are, the current market pool, and timing. We find our Nannies through university networking, personal client referrals, daycares, the nanny association, word of mouth, networking, and our website. We seek out different child care providers from figure skaters to teachers, nurses, choir singers, artists, swim instructors, tutors, yoga instructors, and more! Many of our sitters are fluent in up to as many as four different languages! Once we have found a candidate that compliments your family lifestyle we will send you over their profile which will entail a photo of the candidate, their age, and a brief biography about them. Once you decide that you would like to interview the candidates, we will contact them and arrange an interview. We notify all our clients to make sure they call or email us to give us their feedback on each Nanny.


Nanny Work Trial

To assist our wonderful families with the hiring of a prospective Nanny, we offer a three to five (3-5) day working interview prior to making a formal offer to the Nanny. The (3-5) days must be used in a ten (10) calendar day period. During the Nanny work trial is where you inform the Nanny of your expectations and job duties. The mock trial is a great opportunity to decide if both you and the Nanny would feel comfortable moving forward. The Nanny is paid his/her hourly rate by you during this time. If after the working interview, you decide to hire the Nanny candidate, then only the permanent placement fee will be due. If you do not officially extent an employment offer to the Nanny candidate, there will be a temporary agency fee.


Nanny Search Complete

You have studied the profiles, completed the mock trial, and now you’re ready to hire your perfect match. Once you  have offered this incredible Nanny with a job position we can provide you with a copy of our Family/Nanny Agreement which we highly encourage you to fulfill. We suggest a Family/Nanny contract, so you can have a smooth, long-lasting, and successful relationship with your incredible Nanny! In the rare event a new Nanny candidate must be provided, or that such employment is terminated during the first (30) days with or without cause we will provide a one-time replacement without additional charge.

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