How to Have a Successful Family – Nanny Relationship

How to Have a Successful Family – Nanny Relationship

Many families have never had a Family – Nanny relationship due to never hiring a Nanny, and many families have had a Family – Nanny relationship, but they have not been successful. You probably thought to yourself, why? Why was it not successful?  There could have been many different factors to the unsuccessful relationship. We’re here to help you with the main factor and answer some of your questions.

We always joke around and say that finding the perfect Nanny is like finding your companion. Trusting a another person to watch your children is a hard thing to do and we totally get it. You're going to have to see the Nanny just as much as you're going to see your spouse. Uncertainty with childcare can give families major anxiety. All different types of questions will go through your head such as, will she be the best fit for our family? Will our kids like her? Will she remain with us long-term? At Top Notch Child Care Concierge, we have been Babysitters, Nannies, and household managers for over 15 years. We know what it takes to have a successful and steady Family – Nanny Relationship. Being a Nanny Placement agency has also allowed us to view all ends of the Nanny/Childcare industry. Not only have we experienced personal relationships, but our perspective has allowed us to understand both sides

The key to having a great Family – Nanny relationship is to have great communication. I know what you’re thinking – You think that you already know that communication is key blah blah blah. You have to truly understand that the communication in this case is different. The Nanny is in your home and with your children for a good amount of time. As we say to our clients all the time – Nannying is a different type of job. It should always be taken seriously, but it is a personal job. Every Family would like their Nanny to become their friend and part of the family, but you must maintain a certain type of communication with your Nanny. Once you learn how to maintain a different type of communication level with your Nanny you have mastered the key to success to having a successful Family – Nanny relationship.

How? How do I make the communication different?

Some may think that “different” means to physically speak and act different. That is not the case. The first week that the Nanny is scheduled to work in your home, you should have written down three to five questions that you have in mind to ask the Nanny about their time with your children. Once the Nanny answers all your questions, try your best to conversate with her about the topics. Do not make her feel awkward. Just as you are nervous to have someone care for your children, the Nanny is nervous as well because she is not in her own home. After your questions are all answered, and the conversation has ended try to talk to the Nanny briefly about your day. Make the Nanny feel somewhat connected to you. Keep it brief. The one thing we always say is that once you become too close to your Nanny she will start to feel too comfortable and start to slack. Just like any employer, you should keep a friendly, but firm relationship with your Nanny.  Create a healthy bond with your Nanny and it will remain the same if you maintain a “different” type of communication.

What If My Nanny Starts Slacking?

Everyone has a bad day, but not a bad year. Your children are watching your Nannies actions at all times of the day and if she is becoming lazy and slacking, your children will notice it and reflect on her actions. What should I do? Should I confront her about being lazy? Answer: NO. NO. NO. Nobody likes to be told that they are lazy, and it will come off as rude and offensive. One solution can be to plan out some activities for the Nanny to do with your children. Maybe she’s the type that needs a reminder every now and then. Hey, we all do. Nobody is perfect. You obviously hired her as your Nanny because you liked her, and she clicked with your children. Always remember to be encouraging to the Nanny. If you like something that she did around the house or with the kids don’t hold back. Compliment her work. Everyone likes to be complimented for their work. It will keep her motivated and happy.

What if My Nanny Continues to Slack? Scenario: 1

If your Nanny continues to remain lazy we would highly recommend having a talk with her, and ask her if anything Is wrong with the job position, and if she is still happy with the job. You will notice a lot of different things during the conversation such as posture, eye contact, body movement, and they way she communicates. Pay attention to what she says and what she does not say. If she's saying that she is happy with the job, but you have a different feeling please go with your gut feeling. Believe the vibe that she is giving off. Unfortunately, it’s time to let her go. A Nanny should be a great role model for your children. She should not be lazy and unhappy. Your children will start to feed off her energy and it is not worth it.

What if My Nanny Continues to Slack? Scenario: 2

If your Nanny continues to remain lazy we would highly recommend having a talk with her, and ask her if anything Is wrong with the job position, and if she is still happy with the job. If she is still happy with the job, but she is going through some life problems I would strongly recommend bringing it to her attention that she has not been herself with your children. As you would to your children – give her some positive advice. Maybe she needs a little encouragement from someone who isn’t her family. Always remember to keep a friendly, but firm relationship with your Nanny. You will create a special and long-lasting bond with your Nanny if you connect with her on a different level.

We will be posting more articles on how to continue to have a successful Family - Nanny relationship. It doesn’t end here. The major key to a successful Family – Nanny relationship is to maintain an open communication and mutual respect. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to email us.

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