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8 Reasons Why Date Nights Are SO Important Once You’re Married

Date night is like insurance for your marriage. Going on dates got you to a place to marry each other. If you want to stay married keep dating your spouse. Having Children can potentially make you forget that you need to continue to sustain your relationship with your spouse. It can be hard to remember why date nights are so important.

Falling into a routine with your children, work, or school can throw you off. The excitement and romance should never disappear just because you have other priorities. Going on dates will keep your spark alive and will rekindle the moment you fell in love with each other. Parenting is much more than just feeding, diaper changing, and nap time. The spark to your relationship is what brought you and your spouse together – keep that spark alive.

1.) Keep the Spark Alive

Break your routine and try new things. It is too easy to fall into the habit of routine. Keeping the spark alive requires the both of you to make an effort to clear your busy schedules and plan a date night. A date night doesn’t require going to a fancy dinner. A date night can be just the two of you spending quality time together. Hire a babysitter to watch the kids and get your sparks on!

2.) Maintain Your Appearance

We’ve all had bad looking days before, but that shouldn’t lead you to have a bad month. Sometimes we get too comfortable with the ones we love, and we start to lose our sense of appearance. We don’t intend to lose our sense of appearance, but falling into a routine can cause this. Hygiene is also a very important factor to maintain your appearance. Try to stay fit, fix your hair, and smile often. Planning date nights will help you maintain your appearance.

3.) Stress Reliever

Working too much, keeping up with your children, or attending school can cause a ton of stress in your life and can affect your attitude and personality. Going on a date night with your spouse is about connecting with each other and tuning out the world. Turn your cell phones, pagers, iPad, and computers off. Take this time to connect with your loved once and express your feelings, troubles, and daily thoughts. Everyone needs attention and the best person to give you this is your spouse.

4.) Makes your Marriage a Priority

People often forget that marriage should be the top priority in your life. When you have children, you are actively involved in their lives and trying to build a future with them. Why put your marriage to the side because you have children? Don't forget that you are also building a future with your spouse. Maintaining date nights will prove that your relationship is a priority to you.  

5.) Create Memories

Date nights are to create a special bond between two people. You can cook together, play games, watch a movie, take a walk, go out to dinner, dance, ask random and fun questions, reminisce with old photos, try out a winery, or just simply talk about your dreams. That bond cannot be created if there are no experiences and memories together. We are often too busy with our schedules we don’t realize that life will pass us by. You don’t notice this until you begin to look up, and see that life is a beautiful opportunity that has been given to us to be spent with the ones we love. Don’t allow yourself to miss out on the wonderful experiences that will one day become memories.

6.) For the Sake of The Kids

Date night is about your marriage, but is also good for your children. While you are out creating a stronger bond with your spouse, your children will observe your behavior and mimic your actions in the future. It is in their best benefit to witness a healthy and strong relationship. Always remember that you are modeling the values and behaviors to a relationship to your children. Be mindful to set a good example.

7.) You Remember Why

Date night reminds couples of who they were and who they are now. Change is a key factor in life. People are always creating change or observing change. Date nights will remind you about all the reasons you fell in love with your spouse. It also reminds you that you are not just labeled as a mom and dad, you are a beautiful couple.

8.) Makes Your Life Much More Exciting

Date night gives you something to look forward to. Life is about happiness and in order to have this happiness you have to create it. Going on dates will make your life much more exciting and remind you why you picked your spouse to have children with. It’s always fun to take a break from the kids and have some fun with your spouse. Date night is a opportunity to look at the person you married, the one you fell deeply in love with, not the person who forgot to handle the chores this week.

Maintain the romance in your marriage before, during, and after the wedding. To maintain a healthy, long-lasting, and genuine marriage we encourage date nights. Going on a date night with your spouse isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. A necessity that has a great outcome.

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