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We Were Nannies For 15+ Years

We both have helped raised these sweet beautiful girls and their older brother (not pictured) since they were in diapers. We found this amazing family and never left their side. We still attend every birthday, holiday gathering, and sporting event. They have become family to us and will always remain so special in our hearts. We are forever grateful for every family we have cared for during our years as Nannies. 
Photo taken in May of 2021

Top Notch Child Care Concierge is a Sister operated, full-service, Babysitter and Nanny Concierge, assisting professional families in Michigan. Founders, Janel and Michelle Daboul, are sisters, who are both very passionate about the wellbeing of children. 

"Throughout high school and college, we both provided child care services such as tutoring, babysitting, and household management. During this time, we were asked continuously to care for the children of many different families, but we could only be in one place at a time! Many parents urged us to ask our friends, but only those who could live up to our standard of reliable and loving child care. We have successfully matched numerous quality babysitters to different family settings, each with their own unique requirements. Soon after, families we had never met were reaching out for help in hopes that they could find another great babysitter for their family as well. We passionately took it upon ourselves to help families successfully place the proper child care in their homes. In that time, we learned a lot about the needs of different family structures. Each family's needs are different, and it is very important to make sure that your family finds a childcare provider that fits into your family unit. 

There’s a reason why busy executives and professional parents contact us to help them find a child care provider such as a nanny or a babysitter. We know and have what it takes to find a child care provider that perfectly complements a family’s certain lifestyle and needs. We know how complicated it could be to find full or part-time help that can accommodate  to your busy schedule. Our clients are business professionals and moms with high profile leadership positions. They rely on their child care provider to be a helping hand when they can't accommodate to their family’s needs. We spend many hours picking and choosing the perfect child care providers that we know will be perfect for you and only send you our top candidates. Typically, most families choose either the first or second applicant that they meet. Our unique perspective in quality child care placement lies in the fact that we understand our peers. We can instantly connect and determine whether the candidate would be a good fit, or will end up as just another turn over. Parents know what they are seeking, but our perspective understands both sides. We know what moms are looking for, what they need and who can do it. 

As a duo, we screen and interview Nannies and Babysitters face-to-face to ensure the best quality childcare providers You can now choose your childcare provider with confidence from our network of over 300 sitters/nannies. Top Notch Child Care Concierge accommodates to your customized needs. Whether you are in need of  full-time help, part-time help, after school help, personal assisting, date night, transportation, travel babysitter accommodations, and more date night;  we are here to help!" - Janel & Michelle Daboul

Our respected reputation of excellence and dedication to placing the most qualified child care provider is why we continue to be very successful in child care placements. 

Top Notch Child Care Concierge is a proud member of the International Nanny Association

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